Deep Game

Hello Blenderheads!
I’m proud to present you after a while my game Project.
It’s called Deep and you can follow it’s progress on his blog: Deep the Game

What to say about… well i was ever interested into game making, so i started the last year an ambitious project with 2 programmers, but they left, so, I’ve trashed it.
This year I’m finishing school and I have to bring my high school exam a thesis so i decided to bring on one of my dreams, this time i decided to make something simple, a side scrolling platformer, in the classic way, so i was sure i couldn’t fail at all since i have only 2 months left!

The game will be simple, the story is about a deep diver who gets into one of the deepest holes of the ocean, at the start he will have to avoid some simple fishes and crabs, but the game wont be much this, i want the player to watch the panorama, to feel the mood of being underwater. So not only gaming in it, I want to be more like an illustration book, you can stand still and watch to the background and hear the music :slight_smile: just to feel alright.
It will be also be mainly based on the text appearing while playing in wich the story is telled by the players thoughts
When the player comes to the darkest side of the hole something happens, he loses contact to his ship and fall into a really strange place… oh, i don’t want to spoil it to you, so keep tuned :slight_smile:

Type: 3DSidescroller with logic games
Team: Me(everything),
Omar Tesan(helps making music)
(and all the help i can get from #gameblender IRC channel)
Target Lenght: about 15 mins

I will update the blog often, and maybe start asking for some help in here when i can’t get a solution from IRC (I get as usual problems every day :slight_smile: )

looks cool from what i can see on your blog, i would upload some screenshots or a video on this forum also thow.

looks promising, I wish you luck!

Deep Realms is a Facebook MMORPG where players role play as heroic characters to explore the mythical world.