Deep in thoughts

What to say about this piece than I’m particulary happy whit it. One of those rare drawings that just turned out right no matter what buttons I did press, like there would have been something else doing the drawing instead of me.

Well, enough about that, here’s the pic: Deep In Thoughts.

Sketched and colord in Photoshop.

Feel free to comment.

crits:i really like the way his hair seems to have a translucent atmosphere to it. but it doesnt seem to match the rest of the scene. his face seems to have an odd shape about it, too many dark areas. at first glance it seemed that he was smoking, but now it seems that it is raining and he is looking out of a window.

its a nice piece with a serious feel to it, but it could use a little more work IMO. but still a great image.

Thanks from the comments. I attached here two alternative pics, which both have slightly modified hair. I won’t be touching on the facial shadows, as I am happy whit the over all pic.