Deep Sleep

Okay, first things first, this is my very first serious finished project!!, and i want give a lot credit to nicktechyguy, for thinking of the great name. The render took 4hours, with yafaray. Some post-pro only with the blender nodes.

This looks okay, but it still looks incomplete. For one, it screams for textures of some kind. So many objects here are just solid color, and even when it seems right in theory, it usually turns out seeming unnatural in the final render.

Also, the backdrop image really clashes with the scene. I would expect the outside would be at least a sparsely populated area. Right now, it seems this person just lives in a random meadow.

Still, good start, but it just seems unfinished.

Looks nice - but some more textures would do wonders. Glad you liked the name!

What do you suppose i do int the background, maybe another building as if he lives in a city?

Very good for a first serious project and great name.

Get suicidator city engine, make a generic city with high detail, put it a fair distance back (maybe some DOF as well?), to make it look like they live in a city. Heck, thats what i did, and it worked OK.

I think a bigger problem thats making it seem unrealistic is that the outside isn’t overexposed as it would be if it was a photograph. Having both the inside and outside be lit the same is very unnatural. I don’t think a city is necessary at all as it could be mansion on an estate or something.

The only other thing that looks a little weird is the brown blanket’s bumpmap, but other than that it looks pretty nice.