Deep Space 1 [Hi Res Still in last post]

(S68) #1

Deep Space Probe animation…

<EDIT> Added Hi Res Still in last post </EDIT>

Maybe I should shot a HiRes still of this, so you can get details… If you want.


DivX 5.0.2, as usual… 20 seconds run…

The Nice Version is
640x512 AND 8Mb :o

The TinyVersion is 320x256 and 864kb :smiley:

Stars were nice… they get screwed in the lossy compression :frowning:

Comments ?


(bob_dog) #2

I like it very much. Keeping it nice and dark helps give it that authentic “space” feel.My only complaint would be that it is over too soon. I am left wanting more! Also, I think that it would be great slowed down with cuts to more detail and some moody atmospheric music.
Love it!

(Unreality) #3

I really like that anim. and that dark atmosphere is nice. Maybe you should do a small movie :smiley: I think that little lights with halos would bring nice touch to animation.

(BgDM) #4

Excellent animation Stefano! I could only DL the small, crappy compression one here at work over my 56K coneection. But WOW! I will DL the full version at home later.

I agree wit bob_dog about wanting to see more details though. There just seems like we are missing a lot in thisanimation.



OK. I have now DL’ed the bnig animation and WOW! What a difference from the small one. I take back what I said about seeing more details.

Absolutley great stuff.

All I can say now is, how do you get the time ot do this now that
you are married?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



(sten) #5

looks neat :wink:

then I can add my starfighter to your scenes :wink:

(VelikM) #6

Good one! When you’re hot, you’re hot. You’ve been coming out with some good ones lately, not that you haven’t in the past.

(wewa_juicyb) #7

…that was good. You know you really make it worth downloading all the links to avi’s here… sheesh I wish you Blendered more :smiley: Keep up the good work man.


(Ecks) #8

WOW! pretty cool!:slight_smile: I really like it…epecially when the orange/yellow thing open!

PS:Check my signature…if you are interested…:slight_smile:

(Bapsis) #9

I just have one word for that, and its “Wowwowowowowowow”!!! :wink: (note the comedical pitch shifts in the vocals of the word)

That was some sweet animation, and its making me feel just how much iv been slacking in Blender (darn home based business!!!) hehe :wink:
Great work, and thanks for including the tiny version for crappy PC’s (pretty crappy?!?!?!?) like mine!!! :wink:
Anywayz, awesome stuff man!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(harkyman) #10

Awesome, man. I watched it earlier but didn’t get to comment until now. So did you do the scene change all in one blend file (duped scenes rendered in order in sequence editor) or is this non-blender editing?

Also, I know it’s a Finished Project, but I can’t let it go without saying that I think your nebula/milky way would look better with a bit more of a whispy/less distinct edge.

(blengine) #11

wow thats amazng… great modeling, coloring, lighting, the works… a very professional animation =D great job

yes did end to early! i want more!

(S68) #12

Thanx, all :slight_smile:

Mmmyes… and music is a great ide… a but that RAW is 486Mb… I need a new disk before doing longer animations :wink:

Yup, I was thinking to add some, in the future :wink:

Actually the quality is 80% even in the big one (at 90% quality->10Mb) so it can be better,… And i made a bad mistake in texturing the opening shells AFTER having duplicaded them so the bumpmap image is very badly placed except on few of them (Yopu are not expecting me to re-texture 60 things one by one eh :wink:

Oh… that’s a 6 hours modeling… it’s the rendering the lengthy part :frowning:

then I can add my starfighter to your scenes

Hehe… my DS1 is 10 cm wide, wen closed… 8)

I’ve read your thread… I’ll think on it, thanx :wink:

Well, actually I did want to ask in the Q&A forum if there is a way to automatically switch camera at a certain point of the animation…

This I made with three cameras, named smartly (i.e. to remember me on which frame they should be active, say C-001-121) and then making a camera active, saving, rendering (in background - TGA files) those frames, re-opening, changing active camera, re-saving etc.

Then everything is assembled in the sequence editor

I tried for fun another technique… on a simple scene… you move the camera with keyframes (Cannot do with Paths) and you move it abruptly when you want to changwe scene in just 1 frame from one place to another…

Works ONLY if you don’t use MBLUR, otherwise you get a single awful frame… which you can anyway take away in the sequence editor…

A project is never finished… I post it here because it is … well… complete, I couldn’t see what else to do (and your comments helped :wink: )THe nebula is a plain cylinder with a blend alpha and a cloud alpha and a cloud col… maybe using stencil or making the blend alpha more subtle…

Thanx again


P.S. I’ll attach a big still herebelow :wink:

(harkyman) #13

Here’s how you can do multiplecameras all within Blender in one pass (you’re going to like this).

Create your scene, animation, keys, etc. Once all is ready, go into the render buttons and create a new scene, setting it to empty when prompted. Then, in your new empty scene, toggle the"set" button and enter the name of your original scene. All of your stuff will appear, unselectable, but will render quite happily. Add your first camera to this new scene. For each different camera angle, you’ll duplicate this process.

So, if you have 3different camera angles, you’ll have 4 total scenes… one with the geometry and 3 with cameras. In the render buttons for each separate camera scene, set the start and end frames to what they will be for that particular shot (i.e. CamScene01 start:1end:124; CamScene02 start:125 end:244; CamScene03 start:245 end:312).Then, the fun part. Go into the sequence editor, do the Add thing, and this time you’ll be adding a Scene. You’ll see all of your scenes available to place. Well, just order them in the SE how you want, hit the do sequence button, and you get a nice multi-camera anim in one pass!

Bonus points if you overlap the scenes a bit and put a crossfade between the overlapping parts.Blender totally rules.

(kaktuswasse) #14

very nice!!!

(stephen2002) #15

ohh, big spiky ball thing.

Looks good, I like the backdrops.

I would like to see it be longer (have some sort of end) and with transitions.

(S68) #16

As promised…

Hi Res Still!


(BgDM) #17

Very nice image. You should ass some fancy text and stuff to this and make it into a desktop.

/me starts blending up a space scene now.


(Unreality) #18

Wow! that high res pic looks wicked :smiley:

(S68) #19


thanx :slight_smile:

Deep Space 2 WIP is in progress… some previews soon :wink: