Deep Space Cargo Hauler

Been working on this today. This is just the middle section that the tanks and containers attach to. The forward and rear sections hopefully to come in the next few days.:confused:

Comments or Critiques

There should be much less lighting coming from space in general, since there is almost no ambient light in space, and the difference between light and dark should be extreme. Light in space comes from stars, and thus the direction of the light is clearly defined, rather than just being ambient. Unless in direct sunlight, the majority of the illumination should be coming from solely from lights on the ship. For an idea of what I’m talking about, look at the ship Serenity from Firefly when it’s in space, making note of the lights all over the ship specifically placed to illuminate the form to avoid collisions and to look cool. You already have them in place, just make them more important to the overall lighting. As it stands, the lighting is what I see to be the biggest weakness.

Also, perhaps tone down the Halo Intensity, and increase the Halo Step Size.

That being said, I love the concept, it looks fantastic, and once you fix the lighting and add a space texture in the background, I’d call it finished! High Five!

I understand what you are saying about the lights, but right now I was more worried about you guys being able to see the work rather than if the lighting scheme makes sense, so I turned on AO to help fill in some of the shadow areas.

And yeah, the Halo intensity is a bit much.

There will be two more pieces to this ship. At the front where the Y-shaped metal pieces are protruding outward I am going to attach a living/control area for the ships crew. At the rear of the ship will be a couple of engines attached some the ship can move. Then I will do a lot more texturing of logos and decals, etc. Then the space scene behind it.

Well then more power to you! Looks like great work so far, and I can’t wait to see the rest when it’s done. Good to know that you had plans for my concerns before I voiced them. I did think that someone who made such a nice model wouldn’t knowingly leave it in a surprisingly well-lit void, so I’m glad to see that’s the case. I’m eagerly anticipating the additional texture work, since a bit of wear and tear will really make the piece special.

Oh when was the last time you saw star trek, star wars, firefly, babylon 5, and defying gravity… spaceships are illuminated to make the scene interesting… not because it is realistic… jesus… stop whining about the lighting…
I fully understand and know why you say what you say… the bitch is space is black… if you are out between the stars so little light will be received that everything will be black… even Pluto is black (the only reason we see it in fly bys is that the cameras are designed to eat up every last photon)
I like the ship… and since this is ART we can hand you some license with the lighting… I say light it up… show off the details. this model is really coming along nicely :slight_smile: my only beef is the cargo containers, can you make the scale on the ruffle a lot smaller? right now they look like folded paper Krinkles.

Wasn’t expecting to get attacked just for making suggestions to help him convincingly place the model in SPACE.

Yes, it’s art, and he can do whatever he wants to, but for his purpose of creating a deep SPACE cargo hauler, I made the careless assumption that he would want his model to look like it was actually in SPACE. Having realized that these are simply preliminary renders designed to simply show off the model and not in any way indicative of the final lighting set-up, composition or background, I wished him the best of luck and left it at that.

Terribly sorry to have offended your sensibilities Sycosys. I didn’t know that artistic license makes any sense of realism or comments to that effect irrelevant to the artist and his work.


Let’s shake hands now.

Oh bleed me a river…
you attacked him for not making his render all space worthy as far as what you would want to see… as a matter of fact you opened up by attacking him for his lighting choices… hey i can make an uber render of a deep space cruiser… want to see? Oh right space is black… sorry you missed all my hard detailing work…
Dont get all butt hurt cause someone bitches at you for being unreasonable… did you even bother to give him some constructive criticism on his model besides “turn down the halo on the lights”… we understand that you want it darker… Jesus…


Lyle… sorry for ranting in your thread but my first impressions of your model were very positive, this is your second post if i am not mistaken… first you showed us the whole base model and now we are getting some of the fine detail work… I find this to be a most pleasing project… I am looking forward to how it all ends up. Keep it bright!!! textures and model details can only be seen under harsh light… so far this stands up very well… keep it lit, keep it colorful.

In the spirit of getting the thread off the path to flame war, I’ll offer up some more constructive criticism, seeing as my first post could have been misconstrued as being nothing more than a whining rant about unrealistic lighting (note that that wasn’t my intention at all, and I don’t think it necessarily reads that way either). Despite my feelings towards Sycosys’s posts, he made the valid point that I need to make more constructive suggestions up front, so without further ado:

I actually think that the model could be viewed as fairly complete as it stands now. Perhaps include a form of propulsion in the back and front (and sides for that matter) so it can actually move and maneuver on its own accord, but I’d omit the living quarters and cockpit in favor of making it an automated system, since I really like the minimalist look it has right now, with just the storage containers, what I think are the fuel tanks, and the underlying structure that’s holding it together.

It reminds me of an automated transport drone that travels through the outer reaches of space, through back routes to avoid major nodes of traffic, following a predefined route over and over to facilitate the transfer of cargo between planets. I think that the design right now gives a sense of pragmatism and infrastructure, hinting that it’s just part of the massive network of technology that keeps interplanetary civilizations practical, and I’d say that that’s something to maintain for the final result.

Also, if you feel like extending the concept, a docking station in orbit above a planet that allows cargo to be unloaded for transport to the surface would be a cool idea that would be in keeping with the above.

A few updated views, with the engines in place.

Wow, that looks really cool! The engines look fantastic, especially the small blue rings and the subtle motion blur

I love the engine design, but I can’t help but feel as if the old model doesn’t match the engines any more. The tan fuel tanks, and the colored crates (which now seem plastic, perhaps a bump map could fix that), but especially the generally blocky structure (not necessarily a bad thing in this case) , seem at odds with the sleek, powerful engines that move it from place to place. Kinda like sticking a spoiler on a Hummer.

Also, after looking at the crates some more, I can’t seem to find a way in and out of them, which seems mandatory for a cargo crate. I think that adding a door would help a lot towards making them look less like plastic blocks and more like actual crates.

As for what to do about the engines, that’s up to you, though I’d recommend working towards a uniform style for the entire model. I’d personally keep the engines the way they are, but update the base model to match the style, perhaps playing with the color scheme and adding structures to make it seem more streamlined. You mentioned that there’s a front of the ship coming, so perhaps that will help with the latter.

Finally, just to make my intentions clear, since I’ve been critiquing a fair bit, I think your work is coming along very nicely, and I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the good work!