Deep Space Freighter

Here’s a deep space freighter loosly based on a ship design from the Space Odessey series. I’m think it’s the Galaxy, but I’m not sure. The gas is supposed to be something leaking out of pipes on the edge, sort of like the Malon freighters from Star Trek Voyager. I know the windows could use a bit of work, but any other comments?


awesome! definitely cool and reminds me of the borg from star trek… it would look cool if u popped a cloud texture on the plasma leaking, looks a bit plain, but still great…and a sun in the bg! with an awesome lensflare would totally make the scene pop strate out

Goo, you and valarking talked to each other befor rendering your ships?

They look quite alike :smiley:


Nah. No communication between us. I’ve actually had the image for a while, but I’d forgotten about it until I saw his. I made it for a project I was starting half a year ago, but it fell through because I have negative character animation skills. (Yes, that would be less than zero. :wink: ) I’ll get right on the cloud textures. It’s a good idea. As for the sun, I’ll try it out. I sort of like it in deep space, but it’d be cool in a planetary system too.


Here’s a newer version. I changed the gas and it looks a lot better. I also added a sun. It’s only alright. I made a better one, but this one didn’t turn out so well. Oh well. It’s still acceptable.


nice! i love the new look of the gas! the sun adds more coolness too, great

hehehehehe. looks great.