Deep Space Gateway

Here’s my concept for a Deep Space Gateway orbiting our moon. All work done in Blender exvept a single post processing filter.
Critisism welcome.


Have to say a good start. Concept wise, i like, and hope to see some other renders from different perspectives.

2 things.

1 - textures, or lack there off (or maybe just invisible/washed out). With a bit of panel textures or other details/flags/names/numbers would bring it more realistic

2 - lighting could be slightly improved. As the light source is from the top, there sholdn’t be that much light from the bottom of the ship. And the front section is very very lit.

Eager to see more on this concept either way.

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Thanks so much!
Perhaps I should start adding some details at the octagon. I’ll do a bit more experimenting with lighting, see how that works out.

This is how it looks from another perspective.

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