Deep Space II - Cloister of Nothingness

(S68) #1


Last motion picture rendering of the year :slight_smile:

As usual, two versions:

DivX 5.0.2 - 28s - 10.7Mb - 640x512 high quality


DivX 5.0.2 - 28s - 934kb - 280x210 very low quality

I’m not so happy with leading titles, but I wanted to put this online before New Years day :wink:


(kirpre) #2

Really great.

One problem I had is that the movie pauses from halfway thorugh the title until 0:12 into the movie. Maybe it’s just me.

I have always loved looking at the work you bring to the forum and this is no exception.

(crazymopho) #3

Just you :smiley: No problems here, nice animation

(BgDM) #4

Very nice indeed!

The camera movements could be a little more fluid and less mechanical, but other than that, a great piece.


(Enzoblue) #5

Wonderful piece! Loved the colors.

About the camera, don’t be afraid to ‘bank’ during the turns more, it will feel more like flying through.

Also the stars in the high res one are too busy and twinkle too much. Looks more like static than stars, beware it might be how my system renders them though.

(S68) #6

Thanx, boys :slight_smile:

The Viewing problems are solved via the DivX player, Windows Media player does such things, sadly :frowning:

Right, expecially at the end… but I’m tired of this project :wink: and Enzoble is right too …