DEEP Space, the claustrophobic space shooter (Looking for texturer))
DEEP Space Website

Driving a car is 2D
Flying a plane is 2.5D
Playing DEEP Space is true 3D

Ever flown in no gravity, where up is relative?
How about all that inside a cavern or large building?
Now’s your chance to experience combat in full 6DOF in a style similar to the Descent series.

Download DEEP Space 0.1.3:

From Sourceforge
Blends 33.8mb
Released 11 Feb 2013

Well, Defender has been converted to DEEP Space.
DEEP Space uses much of the same code and models, but structured much better and much more flexible. I am now nearly at the same point I left off in terms of playability.


  • 7 different weapons (3 more planned)
  • Low computer specs required
  • Nearly unique game-play
  • Possibly the most controls for a single game, ever.
  • Keymapping and Joystick mapping
  • Executables for Linux and Windows
  • Customisable AI system
  • Addon content system for levels, texture packs etc

Planned Features:

  • Save/load
  • Multiple player craft
  • longer game-play

Who am I looking for?
If you have skills in modelling, concept art, level design, programming, graphic design, website design or anything else then I’ll have a use for you!
The current skills I am looking in particular for are:

  • Level Design and Modelling
  • UV-Unwrapping and Texturing

Current members:

  • Me (Geoff)
  • BigJ (Modelling)
  • Kaet (Modelling and story)
  • Guss (2D art)
  • King_Hermy (Sound)
  • TrenchStudios (Modelling)

Current area of WIP:

  • Automating the content addition process (bots, levels etc)

Video of Defender, to show gameplay. Some areas have changed significantly, and others haven’t been re-implemented yet…

There are two things you need to tell me. One is your email address, so I can invite you to a dropbox folder. The other is a PM with your skills, so I know what to do with you

***Next Release: ----- DEEP Space 1.4
***- Buying Scenes/menu’s

  • Scores record the campaign achieved in (possibly scores per campaign?)
  • Remembering last user
  • New Level

Predicted Date: May-June

A 1.3a patch has been released that fixes some bugs in 1.3.

While I’m not offering anything, here’s a comment.
It seems like a pretty good idea, I hope you get the people you want, the game screens already look awesome! :slight_smile: Good luck and keep us updated! :wink:

Hello I noticed you closed Drop box Defender project… So i’am here for some info on this new project…

Glad you’re still keen, I’ve added you to the new dropbox folder

Count me in!
I’m just solving some issues with my own project, I’ll be available in a few days!

Awesome. I’ll invite you to the new folder.

I’ve started up a DEEP Space newsletter, of which the latest version is available from the first post.

New Newsletter released. I’m looking for a concept artist at the moment.

Fact of the day:
Over 2200 lines code so far!

Nice sdfgeoff, I saw your game on bGame. Instant rating!

New Newsletter and wallpaper:

Released a new newsletter (a little late this time, oops)
I’ve been slack and haven’t done much
I wrote random cave generator
A new website is being built. (go test it out over at

Fact of the day:
Total of 500 downloads so far.

I just tried to download but I can’t use .exe. I really like the idea of this, can you keep us posted with videos, too? :slight_smile:

If you can open blender you can play it. The exe is only for those who don’t have blender.
Download the data files and open “DEEP Space.blend”

If you are a mac, it would be cool if you could export DEEP Space.blend as a mac executable and email it to me. (use the email address deepspaceleader(at)gmail(dot)com)

Done significant work on the level select menu:
Fully supports user-addon content

let us know if you need a graphics designer (for the ui) or you need help with the website =)
played descent very often in the past

Yes, I would like someone to do some designs for the menu’s and other UI interactions. If you (or someone else) could throw together some concept art, I would appreciate it. If you feel like becoming a tester or developer (have access to more up-to date versions) then let me know.
At the moment I am happy with the website. It isn’t perfect, but does the job.

…Okay. I join. I can do models, levels, and possibly concept art and menu designs. (I have absolutely no idea how to do menu code, though, so…)
I’ll PM you with my email.

(EDIT) Oh, and I can write music too.

Wow, quite a few musicians about these days!
I’ve got your email, and have added you to to the dropbox folder. I’ll be in contact with you soon.