Deep space venture - CGBoost challenge

Hey there, this will be my wip thread for the current CGboost challenge.

Current status:

Two evenings of work so far.
First day was blockout:

Second day was the aurora shader:

I like the framing, but got feedback of a friend of mine about the composition. Its currently rather static and boring. I will try to make it more exiting to look at :slight_smile:

Third evening:
Trying around with the perspective, not really happy with it though. Dont really understand, why this isnt working at all.
More testing needed…


Next evening spent on it to solve the composition issue…
cinematic mode enabled
Going ultra wide gave the image a bit more room, i think thats better.

Planet texture added.
The shield of the craft also got a proper material set up.

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Next evening done.
Changed the coloursheme and adjusted the composition based on feedback of a friend.
Some more materials done.

Some evenings more, getting more into details now.

Added some more struts and a gradient towards the sun.


now the details are done i think.
Will now do a proper long render and then do postpro in gimp and call it a day.

added struts to connect the ring
added poslights
added planet surface details
added a softer horizon of the planet
added cables to the solar panels
added stars


Post processing version 1. Still not entirely sure if thats what i want.
A friend of mine wants to help me tomorrow a bit, still one day left to enter :wink: