Hey guys its been a couple of years since i have touched blender, The GUI has changed a lot but I thought i would have a go at getting back into it. its coming along slowly but surely here is what i have so far. its half of the deers body if you can tell haha! wish me luck!

Well good luck getting back to Blender. I was in the same position a few months back.

Keep posting, and also, the support forums are more active then ever.

cheers mate.

heres an update

add a mirror modifier, so you can see both sides :slight_smile:

OK thats enough for one night i think :smiley:


Wow, really good low poly skills :wink:
I’m still used to model stuff way too high poly, but I’m trying to achieve something like you by modeling a cat/lion.

yeah it shouldn’t be too hard to do that. just remember dont add any lines where you dont need them!!

Nice so far. But I think modeling is much quicker when you go for a straightforward quad mesh. I usually avoid triangles and I have been able to block out animal base meshes in about 45 minutes. I might post a tutorial soon.

hey dude, cheers but i actually do have a very simple mesh, no tris at all

Oh. Well, it seems to work fairly well with sub surf, but that looks like a rather odd topology to me.

well dont’ forget if your going to rig this
you need to add some loops where the joints are located!