default 3D views

I have digital photos of a house. I plan on creating an object to which I can UV map my digital photos. The finished product would be a very rough model of a house. I couldn’t find and good tutorials for doing this. The best I could find was an article at on “blue print setup”

The default 3D views in blender are top (num7) front (num1) and side num3).

How can I set a view to something other than this i.e. left side, right side?
Is it possible to rotate a view to match an objects face so that any new object is placed parallel to the selected face or do I have to rotate my object to match my view?

I home I have been able to explain my requirements.

Look for the ‘Projection Box’.


i don’t know about blender but many software programs have what are called binds. The commands are typed in the console and allow a key to be bound to a function or command. If it is possible you would have to place the 3d view at the angle you want and then type the command for binding the view at that angle. Doubt that it is possible though!

In Blender there are usually several ways to get something done. My approach: Add some cameras. Num-7 to top view, select one. Ctl+Num-0 makes it active (don’t worry if it shows weird empty view at first, just Num-7 back to top). Then select the model (building), tab to edit mode. Display normals, length of normals 1 or higher. Use zoom and trackball to cruise to about where you want one view to be. Trackball until the normal of the face of interest is a perfect dot instead of a line, telling you that you’re parallel to that face. Then >view>align_view>align_active_camera sets the active camera on that view.

Tab to object mode. Num-7 to top view again, select a different camera. Ctl+Num-0 makes it active. And so on. Follow procedure described above for each camera. When finished, changing views is a 3-step process: Num-7 to top view, select desired camera, Ctl+Num-0 assigns active and shows the view.


Thanks Guys, all good suggestions.

You got me thinking on an idea for writing a PY script.
User selects two vertices that will define a line
the script will then orient a camera to that line.

>>User selects two vertices that will define a line
>>the script will then orient a camera to that line.

It might be interesting. Try this: in object mode with camera selected, hit N-key. The ‘rot’ defines the view vector for the camera. On a line, if you were a camera at one endpoint looking at the other, there would be a certain set of angles that would put the other endpoint in the center of your view. To discover those angles, you need to toss in the appropriate 3D cosine math stuff. Let me know if you get it done, I’ll try it.

-l 8)