Default BGE force measure

Hi! I want to find out what is default BGE force measure and how to convert it to HP(or to be more exact - how to convert HP to BGE force measure). Thank you!:slight_smile:

It’s just “Blender Units”, 1 BU can be 1 meter. That means it can be whatever you want it to be :slight_smile:

No - I mean if I set to metric I get exact metric units. I need to have a proportional force explanation. If one BU of distance = 1 meter, than 1.0 BU of force = ? HP. I need to know the conversion and which unit it would be equalient in life.

It doesn’t make sense. Force in Bullet physics is a conventional force, required to give a body of mass M an acceleration of magnitude A. There’s no correlation to hp, unless you choose one, for example, the movement force could be linearly proportional to the hp.

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Well, for my car game I need to convert the current engine force(in vehicle wrapper) to HP for easier to understand manipulations…

I would expect most physics engines to kind of use SI units when you take the length unit to be meters and the mass unit to be kg. So my guess would be that if you take 1 length BU as 1 meter and 1 mass unit as 1 kg then 1 hp (746 W) would be 746 torque units per second. Meaning 1 hp is 12.43 torque units per frame (at 60 frames per second).

Disclaimer: my physics for basic unit conversion is a bit rusty, but I think I got torque/force and energy sorted correctly…

OK! Is the blender vehicle wrapper engine force the same as we know the engine torque? If so, than thanks for pretty nice answer:)

No, Wraah just outlined a conversion to a more understandable unit.

The vehicle wrapper force is (probably) a linear force. Horsepower (I originally assumed HP was hit-points) is a measure of power. They’re not easily interchangable. You can say that the instantaneous power in joules/s for an engine is equal to the velocity of the vehicle * force. 1 HP is roughly 745.7 W, so HP = (F * V) / 745.7

This sounds kinda. I don’t know. I just want to take input from value that equals car HP and apply engine force basing on that value as naturally as possible.

Nobody will ever see horse power unless you explicitly write it down. You can’t even tell with you car without looking into the documents. Finally it is a lie as the given value matches a very specific situation of a different car (of the same blue print).

The only use on “power” is to compare it against other cars. E.g. if a car has more power it might have a stronger acceleration (at a certain point).

It is a game. You can bake “500 Horse power” into your texture than it is 500. Just make sure feels faster than 100 ;).

Yes, but I have never driven car(OK - just once) and I don’t know how does different HP feel:D