Default Blender keymap but changing the G, R, S to select the move/rotate/scale tool instead

Trying to learn Blender using the default keymaps, but I much prefer the ‘industry’ standard default of using the transform/scale/rotate gizmo to do transformations. Is there a way to keep the default keymap but use those instead?

Just bumping. Same question. Really don’t like the “Active tool gizmoz are learning wheels until we see how much better the default way is”…

  1. Right-click on the tool in the toolbar
  2. Click “Assign Shortcut”
  3. Assign the key (e.g. G for the move tool)
  4. Revert your decision to do this, as the notion of “tools” is a handicap. Enable trackball orbiting. Use right-click-select. Cast off your mental shackles and become enlightened
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