Default File (Glitch?)

Hey. I’ve been using Blender for a long time, but I recently got a new laptop, so I naturally wanted to install it on there. So anyway, I installed it and copied all my files over from my other comp. I loaded it up, and (thankfully) since I copied my files, it used my other computer’s defaults. I needed to update some of the preferences for the laptop, though, so I did that, and hit Ctrl-U to save defaults.

Then… this was really weird… an error popped up that said “Unable to delete file” and I had to click it like (literally) 100 times before it would go away. So, I figured that “unable to delete file” meant that it couldn’t delete .B.blend, so I deleted it.

I guess that must have been a stupid move, because after I did that, I tried running Blender, and it loaded about half of my default scene. Let me elaborate on that: The 3D view was unchanged, but the “rounded” theme that I normally use was deleted, and all of my preferences were reset. :spin:

Yeah, so obviously, this kinda weirded me out. Since then, I tried a bunch of different things… I’ve uninstalled and reintalled four or five times, I’ve tried re-copying .B.blend from my other comp, I’ve tried reinstalling and then immediately setting user defaults… nothing. It keeps loading the same “halfway default” scene. Every once in a while, the “unable to delete file” message would pop up again, one time it would pop up every time I moved an object.

So… now what? The only thing I can think of is the fact that I don’t think I restarted in between uninstalls. If perhaps there is a hidden system file somewhere that doesn’t get fully uninstalled until you restart, then I may have missed it. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing.

BTW, My OS is Vista, if that matters.

You’ve got vista? thats the problem. Somewhere in there is a file that didnt get properly set up or removed and vista is saying that blender itself is not allowed to remove the file.

Which file, and where, and how to change its needed access levels will need to be handled by a vista guru; I’ll stay with XP for as long as I possibly can.

make sure it is deleted from the program files folder.

Well, I thought I fixed it… I tried installing in a different directory, which worked at first. I was able to set my defaults, and they stayed. Unfortunately, I changed some more settings, and tried to set defaults again, but the “Unable to delete file” error happened again. So, I guess you are right, Star Ranger4, Vista won’t let Blender delete the .B.blend file.

Oh wait… I may have just figured it out. First of all, I installed it in a different directory, like I said earlier. Once that error popped up, I went to C:\ProgramData\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender and I deleted “.B.blend” and “[email protected]” (I think that’s what it was called). After that, it hasn’t given that error, and I can save my default file again.

I tried doing that with the original install location, but it still had problems. So, I figured I would just deal with a different directory.