default materials? missing in 2.44

Just downloaded and installed Blender 2.44 and going thru BlenderTutorialGuide in the Materials and texture guide.
The lesson selects a wood material, but I am not seeing the list of materials.
I see “MA:Material” and the ‘-’ next to it only has ADD
but I don’t see what the lesson says: “MA:WOOD”
Does Blender have default materials? where can I get those?
thanks for any help to a beginner.

Go to the texture buttons (icon next to material buttons or F7 key), hit add and sellect wood

Blender don’t have a built-in Material library
And the Material/Texture editor it’s not easy? for begginers…
Here you can download some for a start:

goto and look in the downloads section. there’s the material library there. It is itself a blend file that you append from. see Appending and Linking in the wiki.

i’ve downloaded some blend file

  1. the wiki said to “load library” and I went to select the .blend file but it can’t be loaded.

  2. I’ve also selected my texture path under my prefs, but still can’t see any of the materials

I need more help on this. thanks.

Blender is OOPS (Object Orientated Programming System). It creates an Object for you from the Add menu. Anything you want to put on that object is Linked as a DataBlock (Materials, Textures, IPO’s, Meshes, etc).

Now, when you Append (let’s say) a Material, you go File >> Append and navigate to the Library file, Leftclick on it and a list of Libraries opens. Select “Material” and choose the material you want to append (RightClick for more than one and hit Enter) and click it with MiddleMouse Button.

Because the Material is a DataBlock and not an Object you won’t see it. You need to select the Object you want to Link it to (with RMB) goto the Links and Pipeline tab in F5 and click on the menu button left of MA. Your appended material will be there and you choose it. It will have all textures linked to it that were linked in the Library file so they will be Mapped the same as in the Library file.


what fligh said is written here in more detail

thanks, i’m starting to understand this little by little…