Default Plane View

Hi there

Another really simple question from a beginner…After rotating my practice spheres around, my 3d view was all upside down and round about - I tried using num keys, but all I want to do is return to the default view when you first open your page in blender - where everything is flat and I’m looking at my objects dead front on and where I can understand where I am in relation to what’s going on on screen. Is there a snazzy little hotkey that I can do that with?

I’ve used the Num1 key to try and get back but I seem to get a flat view of the wonky angle I’m looking at…


LP %|

numpad 7=top

ctrl+3=eh, the other side :slight_smile:

try hitting numpad 5 to switch between orthographic and perspective view.[/b]

“c” will center the view on the cursor, and shift+c will place the cursor in the center and view all objects.

Thanks guys!

It’s excruciating but I’m slowly learning my way around.