Default setting with script window

In my default settings Blender should show a screen with a great 3d view and a small script window. But every time I open Blender, I have to open the scipt popup window, seach the script and activate it once again - every time I open Blender. That sucks.
Is there a possebility to open Blender and the script window shows the last chosen Script right up from the start in the script window?

Toni Grappa

Hi, if you have a script open in the text editor window and press Ctr/U
to save user defaults the script text will be open in the text editor each time you open blender. best option
Or save a blend file with the script open in the text editor and it will be open in text editor each time you open. good option
You will still have to press alt/p to run the script.
You can store many scripts in the text editor.
To have a specific script be already open when blender opens would need to write a ‘script link’ like some ‘space handler scripts’ something like ‘on load’ or ‘re draw’? better to use the text editor.
Alternative edit the header of the script to > Group: ‘Add’ so the script is easy to locate.
Remember save with script in text editor not in script window.

Thank you for your answer.

I found this link with the same issue.

Toni Grappa