Default Window Mode?

Hey all,

Because of my graphic card (ATI 4870), I have to run Blender either in Windowless mode (-W in terminal) or with “-p 10 10 1440 900” (to define window size manually). I’m running Ubuntu, by the way.

I can do all this perfectly fine from the terminal, as well as create an executable text file with these commands, and just run that. The problem arises when I try to open a .blend file by double-clicking it (I’m not using the version in Ubuntu’s Application list). As it stands, double clicking the file simply opens Blender with garbled graphics. I can set it to run that executable text file I made when I double-click a .blend file, but then it simply opens a fresh Blender window instead of opening the file I clicked.

If there were some way to set the default window mode for Blender (editing a config file possibly?) that solve my problem. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!


Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but did you try altering Blender’s menu entry(You can add a new entry, or customize an existing one - just browse to the executable).

System => Preferences => Main Menu => Graphics => Right click on Blender, choose preferences.

Then right click on any .blend file, choose Properties => Open with, choose the one you set or add a custom entry.

Does this help?

There is no way to this by editing a config file, though you’d probably be able to it by editing the source code.

@Organic: Unfortunately this wasn’t really what I was looking for, although I didn’t know it existed until now, and will probably prove quite useful some time in the future!

@echo: Yeah, that sounds right. I’m not even close to having the programming skills to do something like this (Hello World is about my limit :D).

I think the real problem lies in the fact that my little “open blender” executable opens blender in the correct window format, but it doesn’t open the .blend file in blender. I know that specific .blend files can be opened from the terminal with “blender /directory/folder/file.blend -p 10 10 1440 900” but I’m not sure if it’s possible to somehow pass the name and path of file I just tried to open (or is currently selected) to the terminal.

Anyways, I can obviously just open .blend files from within Blender for the moment.