Defect in Beveled Bezier Object

(David M.) #1

Observe the following image of a pipe created by beveling a Bezier curve using a Bezier circle.

Note the apparent defect in the object; it appears inside the red colored circle I have drawn upon the image. If the object is converted into a mesh or a N.U.R.B.S. curve then the defect no longer appears. What causes it and what, if anything apart from the aforementioned solutions, can be done to eliminate it?

(S68) #2

Show us the wire frame.

It happens when the BevObj radius is greater than the radius of curvature of the curve path, but this is not your case.


(David M.) #3

Below are two partial screen captures of Blender showing the beveled curve as a wire-framed object. The first image shows it from front-view and the second image from top-view.