Defect of sculpt when uploaded

Hi Everyone, I have been using blender without any problems untill recently :(, I have built a x64 xp pro syatem & re downloaded blender & pyphon, to continue creating for SL, but have noticed that after uploading, the sculpts take on a different appearnace as tho there are extra bits added to the sculpt, these do not show in the blend i have created, only when uploaded to SL, & mostly unusable. can someone point me in the right direction as to why this would be happening now, where as on the old 32 bit system had no probs, however I do believe that the software I downloaded was a later version of both blender & python than I was originally using.
Yours Hopefully

from the Blender site:
The 64bit release of Blender for Windows is still in a development stage: it doesn’t support all possible features yet, like FFMPEG, OpenAL and Quicktime.

I would use the 32bit version run in compatibility mode.

Thank you for that Meta-Androcto i will try that