defence office

All done with Blender Cycles and GIMP .

Are you aiming to photorealism?

Yes,trying to.

IMO the best way to learn photorealism is to replicate as many real raw photos as you can, until you understand how light behaves, how materials behave, how cameras would capture light in different conditions, how objects’ look contribute to tell the story of the scene.
Once done that, you’ll be able create your own scene, and add all the artistic touches you want without inconsistencies with the scene itself.

There’s a lot of detail here and i think all the shading is quite coherent/ it has a consistent style (even though it might not be perfect photorealism) I like it nonetheless! :slight_smile:

(as ever, can we have some details on the volumes plz:D thanks)

Great work - the image has good mood for sure.

One teeny tiny thing that stuck out to me a little on first look was the studs on the left(our right) sidearm of the armchair. It might be true to the shader, but the white against the dark leather is ever so slightly poppy…but that’s being really really nitpicky…sorry:) maybe is just me- I would decrease their value by like 1-2% :slight_smile: :slight_smile: so its probably not really an issue…

Will definitely keep these in mind for the next scene setup.Thank you Lazy for the feedback.

I accept still lots need to be done on this.Yes ,right side the studs are more shiner compared to the other side. Will try to correct that.Thankyou Jim for your feedback.

Great work… outstanding. I’m impress. good choice of color selection.

nice work.i like the mood created with color of light,gives warm cozy feel and accentuates the leather sofa.and it is photorealistic enough, no need to change anything.

Thankyou Remade.

I think the studs stick out to me too, I thought that before I read other’s comments. They make the chair seem separate from it’s environment to me. Also, it looks like the light cone in the volume is coming down from the lamp, but the lamp doesn’t seem to be on, or is on too dimly to create that cone. Personally, I’d take out the light streaming in from a “window” or whatever other source and make the overhead lamp the primary source with just a light bit of fill from the environment.

Those critiques standing, it’s still a fantastic image with a lot of good feel!

Thankyou Cabeceira.

Thankyou Redtail for your feedback.