Defender - Steampunk Tractor

So, after 4 weeks of extreme work, I present my entry to the BlenderGuru Steampunk competition.

I have been learning in the 3D world for about 2 years now, and it has been a lot of fun. This artwork really helped me push myself to my current limits, and quite honestly, a bit beyond. I would like to thank all the people from my WIP thread for all the amazing constructive criticism. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


  • Blender 2.74, Cycles
  • GIMP 2 (flares/glare layer)
  • Paint.NET (final color correction and mixing of layers)

    Technical details:
  • All materials on the tractor are fully procedural. The wood, roof, and ground are the only materials using textures.
  • Tractor model, fully optimized is over 360k vertices.
  • Full time spent on this project is around 4 weeks
  • Render time of over 30hrs on CPU at 50% (to prevent overheating)


“I was sitting beneath the old Elm tree, the crops gently swaying in the breeze. A butterfly fluttered by, and landed daintily on the flower in my hand. The cool breeze, the sun dancing through the branches; all was alive and well. Too well; it seemed to mock the turmoil inside of me.

Tellenston had fallen that morning, the defenses crushed. The Kravcton forces had taken town after town ever since.


But yesterday afternoon a survivor made his way to our town. One of the enemy had fallen, and that was enough. We could beat them. The messenger said he had critical information of the vulnerability that made it possible. No weapons we ever dreamed of were capable of exploiting this weakness.

The next morning, after a wakeful night of strenuous labor, we had a working prototype made. We sent proclamations containing the plans to neighboring towns, and told them to collect here, today. We could beat back the forces that threatened us. Yet they were afraid. They only cared for their own safety, and by doing so, jeopardized that of the entire nation.

In my mind the question arose. Should I go alone? Can I make a difference?

Today is quite possibly the last day I shall see, but I am happy. I know that I shall set such an example for this nation that they can hardly help but realize that indeed the enemy can be defeated.”

These are the words written in the journal of the late Knarmel Perzon, the rest is history, emblazoned on our memories. How he, single handedly dared to tackle what an entire nation feared, and though dead, he conquered. For on that day he fought not the might of Kravcton, but the fear and doubt inside. Through courage he overcame, and by overcoming, he succeeded. I would like to challenge you today, in memory of our dear friend, to dare to succeed. I challenge you to be courageous, and no matter the odds, to conquer. You are the biggest difficulty you will face in life.
So I dare you, be courageous.

Very good, I love the tractor. Congrats, it’s a hard work.

Awesome piece man! this really turned out great :slight_smile:

Best of luck in the competition :smiley:

With every picture comes a story!
The tractor is brilliant and the lighting first rate, the story is poignant, and adds a layer to the picture, good luck, and what a great competition this has been!

Looks awesome! I think I like the person the most.

Wishing you good luck in the competition, I enjoyed watching your progress, it really came out nice.

Really enjoyed watching your thread develop :slight_smile:

The final result looks amazing, this beats all of your earlier images! Cannot really say who’s the winner because there are so many great entries, on second thought I wish I would have participated, but sir you have a great chance of winning :wink:
Good luck

(btw I like the story)

It was a pleasure to see this unfolding in your thread and all the hard work came together in this great render. Good luck in the competition, man!

Superb work NID, the colours are outstanding.


This is an awesome piece! The blur is a bit much/off in places to me, but still, outstanding work.

It’s work is one of my favorites of this competition!

Steampunk, I love it :slight_smile: Great dynamics and lights. I love the blur, its look like a camera follows the tractor. It gives rly dynamics scene. A piece of good work.

Thank you guys so much. Very encouraging to be able to see where I have come to, with the help of you all.