Defense System

here is a simple Space shooting game.

i’m sorry. but the .blend file of the game is too large to post. please forget this post was ever made.

i’m sorry. the file is too large to post. forget this thread existed.

use dropbox, or or paste all,

or mediafire.

As the above users point out, there are other ways to host your file. I won’t delete your thread until you confirm that you still want it deleted.

ill try paste all.

here is the game.

Dang, it’s a 2.5 file :’( I do have 2.56, but that is on my other computer. Looks cool though!

Sorry. i’ll try to see if i can’t come up with a 2.49 version.

i’ll try to see if i can’t come up with a 2.49 file soon.

Hey i dint knew that you made a game :open_mouth: ill test it out right now! :slight_smile:

This is a great game!!! :slight_smile:

yes i did make a game. (actually this is my second game i’ve created. unfortunately i can’t post the first game anywhere because it’s in a .zip file and the filesize is too large. any free file storage websites you can direct me to would be nice. i would really appreciate it).

Dropbox is a nice way to store your work, they some GB of free space. Its free and easy.

Best regard

It is a nice work to me!I do like this kind of games and I think the creative ideas are pretty attractive to me!