'Defer Topic' option added

(Bart Veldhuizen) #1

TL:DR; sometimes you want to mark a topic as ‘unread’ so you can revisit it later. I just added this new option:

Full details here:

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(Felix Kütt) #3

Yep, clearly works. Just tried on this thread, it did show up as unread again.

edit: even showed my own post as a new post in here.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

Correct, it marks the topic as unread, not the post. I’m not even sure Discourse has a concept of ‘unread posts’…

(Metin Seven) #5

Nice addition! BA is becoming more and more complete. :+1:

(ouraf) #6

when i read the name, i thought it was an option to defer the authorship of the topic to another user, so he can mantain and edit the first post.

Maybe the old “mark unread” name is more intuitive.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

Yes, I left the same feedback on the Discourse forum.


And why not simply: “Read later.” or just “Later…” :roll_eyes:
Not everyone understands English, but even machines easily translate simple words, which are most likely better understood globally. Never forget famous words of Albert E.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

“read later” could imply something else, like a separate reading list. I really think it should be ‘Mark Unread’ because that is exactly what it does


Yeah :smiley: a Reading List! Now, that would be just awesome. Having an option to save & organize posts as one sees fit - priceless.

(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #11

Bookmark could be used as a reading list. Better organisation, subcategories under bookmarks etc. wouldn’t hurt though :upside_down_face:.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #12

There are already other tools out there that could help you do that, I don’t think it needs to be part of the forum software.

(Dominik R ) #13

I wasn’t even aware of my 114 tracked topics, before this thread made me looking a bit deeper into the basics of discord. While I’m not sure I will use the defer option much, since I read BA exclusively from my desktop, it’s good to know about tracking and watching!
Edit: Typo


Yup, already using bookmarks for “reading later”… after, if i find writings valuable i translate & re-write, simplify texts - make explications of sort which finally end up in a vault.
Am sort of making my personal CGI encyclopedia & library

& “Reading List” in FF suffices - was just an ego-convenience shout :wink:

? btw, would love to know, if it’s possible to find stuff i :hearts:

(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #15

Like this?


Oh, sorry for the lack of info, what i basically meant with “finding” was, to search only through likes & bookmarks (filtering) – Got it in Advanced Search (never used it until now) – Thanks anywayz


Finally, this engine is proving to be a huge improvement over previous one… :relieved: mmmm

but still, a little bit bothered by occasional “site loading jumps” while scrolling

(obsurveyor) #17

Kind of a bug: If the post was Pinned Globally for you and you click Defer, it doesn’t reset the the pin.

The pin was automatically removed when I clicked the thread for the first time(which I saw at the top of Latest, because it was pinned for me) but when I clicked Defer to check out the functionality, I couldn’t find the post where I saw it before, had to scroll to when it appears in Latest because it was unpinned.

I call it kind of a bug because I don’t know if Discourse can easily tell if Defer was clicked after viewing the post for the first time where a pinned post would become unpinned, to re-pin it.