Deferred Payment- Writer - Project Wrectified

I have completed my tests to ensure gameplay is possible and created a framework to tell a story

I have the outlines of that story,
I have ‘husks’ of characters who need real depth.
I have multiple forces that can drive the story,

I need a non-linear full story to complete the map and world design to then start into a full game

I need a writer.

GDD available with NDA.

Jacob Merrill

Id be up for working with you on something like this. My email is [email protected]

I am a writing and scriptwriting student with quite a bit of experience on my side, and I am looking for some new projects.
I am interested in yours, but would like to know more about what you need, if possible. I especially like writing dialogue and studying characters’ psychology, so I’m game :wink:
If you are interested in contacting me, please do so via email: [email protected]
Thanks and good luck!

I think I have this covered.