Deffuse.png integration

I have a model I got from TurboSquid that I’m not sure how to get the text right.
It came with a diffuse.png and a normal file but they aren’t mapped to anything it seems in the file. Any hints on how to do it would be greatly appreciated. Or point me to youtube video. Thanks.

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I dearly Hope you did not BUY this FILE!!
This file is a real mess!!! I don’t know how someone could mess this up so badly!
Only if you have used Blender for a long time and delt with problems like this would you know how to fix it…so I just fixed it…
I did not check the rig…!! If you Find any problems with it let me know…

PS I forgot…when you get it…lower the roughness for the eyes and make them shiny…

Thank you very much!!!
Yes I paid, but only $3 so I can’t complain too much. :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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I did end up checking the rig…ackkk !!!
It needs a lot of work also…the bones are ok…but, for instance, if you move the ears for some twitching, half the head moves also…same for all the other bones…really needs some weight painting to clean that up…and perhaps some vertex groups to isolate things… Have Fun and holler if you need more help…!!