Defining a "center point" ?

Hello everyone, I am having a question about snapping … or sthing like that i dont know -.- I make this woman, for a game, and when its finished, i will rig her with bones, So, and the clothes have to be changed in the game so i dont want to Join every objects together. My problem is, that the “anchor” or “center point” of each object dont fit together, Is there any possibility to make them have a common point ( the points under the objects - as in picture)

I hope you understand my problem and help me. -.- Thank you all!

While in edit mode, if you move vertices, that is relative to object’s Centre point. In object mode Centre follows object.
Put cursor where needed, then use Shift-S in edit mode to move selection to cursor. Or, while in edit mode, move selection, then switch to object mode and
from menu “Object” - “Transform” - “Origin to 3D cursor”.

May i suggest to download fresh 2.6 series from On any decent PC it’ll just work. (I hope what i write about menu is still same for your Blender version)

Thank you much, i try it now. Ah the 2.6 version of blender doesnt probably run in my pc well. sthing hides automatically after few mins, like editing areas or traymenu. and so its difficult to use 2.6.Or is there solution of it?

You can also hit Ctrl+A to apply any transformations you make in object mode. Useful when you’ve forgotten to switch to edit mode and don’t want to redo your work, among other things.

Thank you too,Luftmensch!

and now there is a problem with the shoe of her, I textured it, and what i get in game is just like this. Please explain me how to correct it, for outside texturing.

Thank you all

Face normals are probably facing inwards. Select all faces and Ctrl+N or W / flip normals

Thank you much Richard! It really works !!! Miep miep!