Definitely EEVEE Materials System

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Hey guys,

You may know me from the KIT OPS kitbashing addon, or the Definitely EEVEE: Definitive Interiors course. I’ve also got some free tutorials on using the new camera matching application fSpy (works now in 2.8!) and EEVEE glass shaders. Eric Klein has helped so much in providing valuable insights and direction for all the EEVEE stuff, including his new near photorealistic EEVEE glass shader.

I just yesterday launched this new product called Definitely EEVEE Materials System. It’s available on Blender Market and Gumroad. Current introduction pricing is $25. No subscriptions, no textures only.

BTW, you can also swap out material maps with your own tileable textures. Plenty of CC0 sites out there that have reallly good PBR textures! Just pick a material that alreay is set up for the sort of material you want to swap for, and tab-enter into the node group. See Video 7 from the Course List on YouTube

It uses KIT OPS FREE (or PRO) to automatically filter materials and insert them directly on the selected object (without adding the INSERT geometry!).

There you can learn much more about it, and also see the material list and read the FAQ.

It’s all about creating great renders with over 100 customized materials, all based on a simple system-- so you can quickly and easily customize them ad infinitum! Plus it works without having to UV Unwrap meshes (and works doubly good if you have meshes that are already unwrapped).

Plus there’s this really amazing DIRT GROUP NODE that allows you to add dirt in controlled ways to any material. And there’s the new Excalibur materials and so much more.

A few closeups of the materials (click first 2 to view full rez):



And showing most of the 100+ materials:

Some more information

I’ll be using this thread to answer questions, and post some renders I’ve compiled of some images created with the Definitely EEVEE Materials System. I also hope ot continue to add new materials on to this product as I end up needing them (first needs to be a Camo KPACK with different camouflage textures. Also TAKING SUGGESTIONS!

Thanks to the beta testers for forcing us to streamline the material adding workflow. And as always, @masterxeon1001 and @proxe for their tireless help and support and coding and sample files and pushback and overall great partnership thinking!

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List of addons that work with 2.8
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Some of the test renders:

Started here using fSpy to camera match an existing photo:

Then after the KPACKs were completed, I quickly created some iterations. Probably about 5-8 min each:

Asked masterxeon for a box file and then proceeded to texture it:

Asked him for his corridor:

One of the best things about working in EEVEE, is you can quickly swap out materials and evaluate. Each of these renders were orig 2000x1000 and took 20-25 seconds on my GTX 1080 at 256 samples.


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The material library looks pretty convenient to have and the latest renders look amazing.

I see you made this thread for us to ask questions, and here I have a few:

  • Those who made (or sell) KPACKS, is it a good idea for them to update it with the new system or how does that work?
  • What are material KPACKS? Are those inserts with a One Texture to rule applied or is it more than that?
  • What is the difference between a One Texture to Rule and a EXCALIBUR: the ‘x’ material?
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Purchased, already own Kit Ops Pro so seemed the sensible thing to do. :slight_smile:

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Nothing is required as far as updating you’re existing KPACKS. The user can add the selected INSERT’s color to any object in Blender 2.8.

Material KPACKS are .blend files with custom props applied. No new props for material is required. In my case I used a cube and sphere as the object. You can use it if you like, or use your own Material Preview object. Just treat it like you would your other KPACKS. You might want to name your KPACK folder “p Metals” and “p Plastics” that way you can filter only your KPACKS.

The Excalibur is a super set of OneTextureToRule. It has everying OTTR has plus group nodes for Roughness and Normals. This was inspired by the research you did. Thanks!


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Thanks a bunch. Stay tuned for some new KPACKS for this product. They will be free updates!


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Just released a couple videos: One on perfectly baked bevels in EEVEE. The other on adding Decals. Might want to check them out.


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Also, working on a new workflow for chipped paint in EEVEE. I’ve got it working, now to streamline it so it’s easy to implement in EEVEE.


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Finishing up the workflow with new examples. Hope to have this out soon. Free KPACK for users.

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Puurty! :slight_smile:


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Hey everyone, Chipp here.

Check out this video:

If you’ve been following me on Twitter ( ), or here at BA, you may know I’ve been working for a few weeks on this chipped paint workflow for EEVEE . It’s quite a challenge as EEVEE doesn’t support the same nodes that Cycles does.

Finally, it’s done and I’ve spent time streamlining the workflow and include instructions in the actual materials . So, all you do is load the free KPACK INSERTS from KIT OPS PRO or KIT OPS FREE and follow the onscreen text . That’s easy!

You can download the KPACKS at:

OR… if you already have the Definitely EEVEE Materials System, it’s included with it. Just update your files. You can learn more about it at:


Hope to see what you can do with this!


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Isn’t it more natural to use AO to mask edges? In your material (with normal bake) are taken into account also inner edges (concave angles) that are in reality dirty one, no chipped.

Since AO node is not affected by topology in 28, seems to me better solution.
Also fact that corners are more chipped by AO looks more natural.


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Have you tested whether it works equally well on Eevee?


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Thank you for your comments.

I originally tried AO and the workflow was more difficult and I didn’t like the disparity between the corners and edges.

Chipped paint needs 2 masks, one larger than the other.

If you watch the video, you’ll see I use a dirty node group which uses AO to put dirt in the concave angles.


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AO node works in eevee in a basic way for now.
No parametr from node is taken into account. You can use coloramp behind to tweak like distance or factor or color. So at the end I just wasnt able to use “Inside” option to separately work with inner or outer edges. My tip was realated to Walters tech. with cycles.


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Im not sure what kind of disparity you see, but OK you are deeper in the topic.

I watched video, but if Im right, you placed dirt over chipped paint, so you have still chipped paint scratches in concave angles, just mixed with dirt on top of that. Seems to me visible, but your video is quite fast in this part of presentation, so hard to say for me, you should see it better.


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Hey all, the support form has been down lately. If you haven’t received a reply from me, you might consider resubmitting your question. It’s up and working now. :slight_smile: