Definitely Not Rudolf

Hi guys, this is my first post. and my first (i think) serious attempt to modeling in Blender. this is the best model i’ve made so far. I just got frustated modeling human head :(, so i decided to model some kind of monster of something.

this is an alien reindeer :smiley:

and i try to add wings. still dunno how to create a good wings, i’m afraid. i mean to be more suitable for this alien reindeer :stuck_out_tongue:

comments and crits please…

That is freakkky!

Nice Modeling btw. No crits here.

OMG, i really did laugh out loud :P, especially wen i saw the one witht the half-done winges - lol, its awsome - too late for christmas though :(.

thx for the comment, i think i;m gonna try sculpting :cool: if i could

Thats great! That is so totally, hilariously awesome! (Especially in light of the “it ain’t rudolf” line.)

Could you post a wire frame for us to look at?

thx for the comment, i think i;m gonna try sculpting :cool: if i could

hey, why am i reply the same messages twice ? thats weird !! :confused:

enywey this is the wire. i know…still alot of clean up here and there, i wish i could manage time to do it all. pity…

What is that. (looks like it has the horn of a rhino, the wings of some Dragon-like creature, the antlers of a deer, and the face looks part lizard.)

I give you points for creativity, now try some of the new paint and sculpt tools on him in the RC1 build:)