Defocus Node (DoF)

Has anybody got a newer CVS version, you should see the defocus mode, I haven’t played with it much but it looks like DoF, like every one was looking for, especially since it has an option for camera’s called DoFDist.


Yeah, I’ve played with it, it is DOF, but you already know that :wink:

I think maybe they should rename it, but I like the name defocus too.

Its pretty awsome, it seems like they’ve fixed some big problems, like the edge bleeding problem on in-focus objects

I didn’t think of something called defocus DOF.

I’d perfer they call it the DOF node if that’s what it is but at least I know what it is.

At last, nice and easy DOF:)

The one thing you have to bear in mind is that any newbie stumbling across this node would have no idea what DOF stands for, so from that viewpoint, defocus makes more sense as a name.

good point


F-stop!! Thanks a million to whoever who coded this. Now it should be easier to match your CG to real life footage. There should be a Bokeh option there too?

Edit: Sorry, I see the Bokeh option too. Man, this is the good stuff. I’m reading Digital lighting and rendering, and more and more I see that Blender has everything you need. If it is Eeshlo who coded this: you’re one cool dude.

Is it just me or does this defocus node not look as good as the one that purple was making in this thread maybe I just havent messed around with the new one yet, but from the pics that purple was showing, his looked more realistic.

Anyway this defocus node is pretty cool. I also noticed that the DoF property in the camera is actually keyframe-able, which is pretty cool if you wanted to match a focus pull in a “live action” shot with CG.