Defocus quality issue

Hey there !

I looked for answers in the existing threads but could not find answers about my problem.
Every single time I use the defocus node on a render using the alpha over node to composite the background myself there is always a zone where the defocus acts weird , in the transition from the part in focus to the completely blurred one.
Do you know how to improve this ? How can I get a perfectly smooth transition from focus to blur ?
I joined the scene if someone wants to have a look :slight_smile:
Thanks !

defocus.blend (623.1 KB)

Increase samples for blur node? I don’t think it likes blurring alpha background either.

I wish there was a sample slider but unfortunately there isn’t. Unchecking the preview box makes it better but there’s still an issue of the blurred zone transitionning over the in focus one by "blending both"instead of just increasing blur gradually the further away from the focus point you are.

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I recently had a close look at Defocus node. All in all, it’s bad. Nuke was able to do a much better job, using the exact same multi-layer EXR file.

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