Deform a curve which im using to animate

hi, im trying to animate an object on a curve but i want to animate deformation on the curve and have the object follow the deformed curves animation. by default blender seems to use the pre deformed curve for path animation. any way to change deformation order on this??

interested for both the path follow path constraint and the path deform modifier. Seems to work a little bit using soft body but i really want to control using modifiers rather than forces

Which modifiers do you want to use on your curve?

Some of them have a “Apply on Spline” setting that needs to be checked for the curve modifier to work.

ahhhh perfect thanls soo much!

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Np. Just be aware of that the curve is deformed differently under this setting.

hey you would have no idea why my object might be scaling like 600% when i deform to curve? ive applied all the transforms removed modifiers keys and parenting and still doing it. basically a fish at 0,0,0, . seems like when i add deform to curve the ‘dimensions’ explode. a sphere in same scene deforms fine. just the fish explodes

Difficult to say without looking at the file…

I’d suspect that your curve has a radius of 6.0. Select a control of the curve in edit and look on sidebar/item/radius.

no, no curve radius…heres a simplified file …curve deformer just needs to get curve added then it will go haywire.
any insight appreciated

Yes, it’s your curve radius. Which is >30.0.

thanks so much for your help. fixed now. i was looking at some other radius of some plugin. doh