Deform a movie strip in the VSE?


I’m new to compositing: what’s the easiest way to deform a strip in the VSE to match a perspective?

I may be wrong but you want to zoom in and fill the screen? Select the image, (press n for right side panel) then check the Image crop box… you can also check the Offset box too if you want to move the picture around the screen.


Thanks for your reply!
No, I want to add a new movie clip on top and deform it so that it looks like it’s being projected on the ceiling.

Ah ok… In 3d mode I would add the Movie and position it to the same place you want it… then render out an Image sequence into a blank folder… then bring the scene you are working on back up and then alpha over the image sequence… Or you could use a Planar track to do the trick but it may be a bit more complicated… I did something similar in this tutorial