Deform by UV

I’m new blender user and I research a power of that application .
I have a question is it possible to make something like this


or the same techniques in 3ds max :

To make this in blender will be nice to have


Looks interesting useful.

I really don’t think you can do this in Blender at current time.

1-Basically you would need something that will rip the model at its seams and flatten it out as arranged in the UV map and store that as a shape key on that object. (shape key system will need to support ripping of vertex in individual shapes)
2-Then on the object to be deformed you need a modifier which can mesh deform using reference to another objects shape key (the flattened model) as base and a different shape key(the proper shape) as target.
(The mesh deform also needs to work with reference mesh with no thickness, but behave as if it did.)

You can kind of do this in Blender but the core functionality is just not there.

Two possible ways, neither of which are going to happen soon:

Blender does not have a ‘UV view’ of a mesh! Such a view would allow vertex movement in U, V or normal direction only. It would be an awesome addition but very hard to work into the current configuration…

The wrapping, the shrinkwrap modifier can begin to do a little of this. Once again the core functionality is not there in Blender!

Right now the ‘project’ option in shrinkwrap only has one ‘method’ = from an axial direction. ‘Shrink to UV projection’ as an additional option would be the solution, that would solve it in a heartbeat … heh. Not so hard to program, I think. I think it’s possible, if both objects have been unwrapped, to move each vertex of the modified object to the world space location of the target mesh that has the same UV coordinates.

It would not be a calculation intensive procedure - get UV values of vertex1, look up same UV values on target, get XYZ location for those UVvalues from target, transfer same XYZ values to vertex1. (Some results would be completely wonky but that would be a user beware error… no more than results from the shrinkwrap modifier are now.)

I wonder if this is outside my Python skills! Probably :no: , :frowning: anyway it would be much better as a modifier so it could be part of the stack, because you would want to start with a flat non manifold object and solidify and subsurf it only after wrapping to prevent overlapping and intersecting geometry.

Edit: the more I think about this the more awesome it seems… You could load up the texture for the target object and edit the modified object’s UV map to precisely match up to points on the target object!

Can I interject, I have wanted to have a tool a function in Blender for sometime that allows one to copy UV islands to other UV islands and in turn changing the mesh in question. Copying the UV island would some how add vertices/edges it would also add seams to the mesh but perhaps one is able to keep the size/scale and location of the mesh.

Not sure if this can be done. Would appreciate a tool like that.