Deform mesh with bones in-game

So I have a mesh with four vertex groups that are attached to bones. The vertex groups are weight painted so that the vertices further away from the bone have less weight (closer to the bone - reddish, further away from bone - green/blue). When I move each bone in pose mode its corresponding vertex group moves with it. All four bones are part of an armature. They are not parented to any other bone.

I want to “parent” each bone to a mesh (cylinder) that acts as collision detection. For example: when that collision detection cylinder goes over an obstacle (e.g. a rock) it moves up, moving the corresponding bone with it, and the bone moving its corresponing vertex group up too.

Is this possible in the game engine?

You could try vertex parenting, or you can use some python to match the bone position to the cylinder… but it’s not easy to do.

Tips on tracks:

  1. Use python if you are dealing with tracks.
  2. Consider, softbody + physic = deform effects.
  3. Simplify tracks physic.

Should I keep all the bones in one armature? Or should I separate them? Parenting one bone to a cylinder will parent the whole armature to it and then it won’t achieve the effect I want.