Deform modifier - shape keys?

Sorry if this question is too dumb, but here I go:

I have an object on which I used a Simple Deform modifier.
Then I got an idea to try and animate a mesh deforming, using shape keys.

So I had the base mesh and added a key. Then I wanted used the deform modifier again but I got a warning: "Modifier cannot be applied to a mesh with shape keys "

I guess It can’t be done this way. But there must be a way to key a deforming mesh. Any ideas? Maybe using multiple copies of the object, deforming, keying them and then translating the keys to only one object? (Don’t know if it’s possible.)

Thanks for any help or tips!

Hi Stickr,

Found this in the realease log for Mesh Deform…
Might be of use?

Dynamic Binding

By enabling the Dynamic option, the mesh can still move within the cage mesh and deform correctly. If it goes outside of the cage mesh the results are undefined. This option is disabled by default because it is slower and uses more memory. An example scenario where this would be useful is to do the main deformation with the mesh deform modifier, and use shape keys for facial expressions.

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Thanks, I’ll see what I can make of it.

It really sucks that you can’t use modifiers to define shapes for different keys. That would be awesome.