Deform option in Vertex Weights Panel

Hi, i am new in Blender and i have problem in skinning

how to add new deform bone in vertex weights panel?
Because some of vertices is skinned to bone (i named it left hand bone) with weight 1.00, but have no deform.


Vague question with too little information. Please ALWAYS supply an example blend file and explain precisely what your problem is and what you want to achieve

Do you have any bones (add with Shift+A)
If so do they have ‘Deform’ enabled in their properties ?

Ah sorry, thank you for advice

The problem is in first image. There are some vertices that can not deform.

And the problem is in this left hand bone. It can not be assign to deform panel. (second image)

But the right hand bone is work perfectly (third image)

There is only 1 bone (left hand bone) that cannot be assign to deform panel. I think this left hand bone can not be assign in deform panel with normal way

Still no blend file supplied !

If so do they have ‘Deform’ enabled in their properties ?
Have you checked this for the particular problem bone when selected in edit mode

Have you checked the weighting in weight painting mode

Yes the “deform” enabled in properties

Yes the weight is 1.00 too. But in the deform panel there isn’t bone

Here is my blender file

yes "deform’ is enabled in properties

yes the weight is 1.00

This is my blender file

I have foun the solution and it was a simple mistake. It’s because the bone’s name in deform panel is different with the bone’s original name. The bone’s original name is “L.Hand Bone” and it should be change to “L. Hand Bone” (with space between L. and Hand)

Thank you Mr. Richard for your help and sorry it was because my mistake to not recognize this name problem before.

You may want to change that name again. Blender uses whateverbonename.L or whateverbonename.R.

You have this reversed. Not using this convention will cause you problems in the future, namely, mirroring poses and cutting your work load in half when rigging and using the X-Mirror option in the tool panel.

Good luck!