Deform problems

Hi do you know what the causes of the eyeballs of a model moving wrong with the head would be?, I have seperate eyeballs for my character, and I don’t want to model them into the head.

You need to parent the eyeballs to the head. Select both eyeballs (RMB on the left, SHIFT-RMB on the right), shift-select the head, then CTRL-P for the ‘Make Parent’ popup. Once you click ‘OK’ your outliner should show the eyeballs as children of the head and when the head moves or is rotated the eyeballs will follow.

I tried vertex parenting to the head, I’m doing a penguin so the head and body are the same peice, and the eyes just seem to move farther than the head.

Don´t do vertex parenting. Go to object mode, and do what g60 said. If you have armature modifiers in the eyeballs delete them.

it would be a good idea the you added to extra bones to the armature for the eyeballs. These bones should be parented to the head bone.

These bones should be aligned to the eyeballs. For doing this, you should snap the cursor to the center of the eye, most likely the center of the eye object. If you are not sure if the center of the object is aligned to the mesh, select the eye and click the ¨Center Ne¨ button in the mesh panel. Then, hit CTRL+S and select the ¨Cursor to Selection¨option.
Afterward, select the eye bone, go to edit mode, select the root of the bone and hit CTRL+S again, but now choose the ¨Selection to Cursor¨ option. You may have to realign the rotation of the bone with CTRL+N.

You can then add a ¨track to¨ or ¨locked track¨ constraint to eye bones so that they follow a third bone that controls the direction of the look.

Well it turns out that if I move the bone structure around it will work. I can’t beleive I did’nt think of it sooner, but then I’ve never been as good at rigging as modeling.