Deformation Along a Path


I am trying to migrate to Blender here at work. But first I need to make sure that everything I can do with 3DStudio Max I can do it with Blender 3D. Right now I been able to do almost anything, I am having little troubles with something.

With 3DStudio I can have a mesh a deform it along a path (modifier: PathDeform). I have attached pictures for your reference of what I intend to do. As you see, it is different than beveling an object (or lofting it).

Is it possible to achieve this results in Blender? How can I deform the mesh a make it follow the path?

Any help or comment will be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!




I think you want the curve modifier.

Thanks rawpigeon. The curve modifier gives me the result of picture 1.

edit: I have some strange deformations when I move the path…

Now, How can i animate that? is there a way to animate the position along the curve?
Are there any other procedures that might do the trick?
Thanks again!


Here is a quick example, you will want to use the array modifier in addition to the curve modifier to get the right effect.

To animate move the object along the y axis.


curveExample.blend (122 KB)

One big setback you will encounter moving from 3DSMax to Blender is that Blender can not animate a deformed piece of editable text along a curve.

Yes, Blender can deform an editable piece of text to a curve, but it will not allow you to move it along the path until you convert it to a mesh. This makes the text uneditable and makes change requests a complete recreate and re-animate of the text object.
The modifier stack in Max is great, you will miss the convert to mesh modifier right from the get go.

Thanks Spu_q!!! I have your sample file open and made on it some trials of my own. Still there is something I am not doing worng… I have attached a picture of my trials. I will try to upload the file also.

First problem: the array modifier it is not creating the arrows line long enough. I am checking parameter by parameter with your sample but still can not find what it is wrong.

Second problem: The arrows are moving. They seem to move ok until they start bending onto themselves forming some kind of knot, then unfolding and following the normal path. I tried to rotate the vertices to see if this was the problem but only gets worst.

Do you have any observations?

Anyone else?

Thank you very much!



curveExamplemodbyuber.blend (139 KB)

Your curve pivot point needs to be the same location as your objects pivot point location if you don’t want the weird knot. As for why your curve is not the right length, I can’t figure it out for the life of me. I made a few new objects from scratch and they turned out to be the right length. Something about Flecha is not duplicating correctly. I don’t know exactly how you did it but you messed something up. :confused:


curveExamplemodbyuber-3.blend (133 KB)

Thanks Spund_q, I really appreciate your taking time to review my file.

I was able to replicate the shapes now. It is strange why it was creating a series of arrows as long as the curve. Regarding the strange knot last night I was playing around and found out about your suggestion of similar origin points.

I have a question, is there a difference if you apply the modifiers in edit or object mode? is the final effect the same?



curveExamplemodbyuber-4.blend (137 KB)