Deformation and clothing

(Abavagada) #1

Still learning.
Finally got a whole “skeleton” into a male body mesh, and works great.
Then I put clothes on, parented them to the armature, and set up the deformation vertices like I did with the body.

However, now when I go to pose the whole model, the clothes change differently, causing what looks like holes in the clothes. Is there a way to change this? Should I just join the clothing onto the body mesh directly?


(Hos) #2

I would just delete the parts of the body that are covered by clothes.
No sense in bothering setting weights for vertices you aren’t going
to see anyways. If that doesn’t sit well with you, then try joining
the clothes with the body mesh and see what that does.

Just an opinion.


(Abavagada) #3

I had thought of both solutions. Finally just ripped out the hidden male body.

Guess he can’t do that strip tease animation now. grin

Thanks for the suggestion.

(humphrey) #4

But how do you create clothes in the first place so that they look natural??

humphrey Murray