Deformation of the leg, I need help :)

Hello all, I have many difficulties to make a character with a natural deformation of the legs, specifically in the thigh with the hip. The character that I create is a real human proportion. I’ve remade the character around 4 times, but unsuccessfully.

I am beginner and I’m learning, but I know a little bit of edge loops.:stuck_out_tongue:
I do know some edge loops, but do not know yet abstract and use them in this issue of the leg and get a good strain.

I would like to solve this problem without using the Modifier Armature, Ipo Curves or Shape Keys. :slight_smile:

For clarity, I have tried to reduce the weight of the influence of the bones and yet not getting a good result.

I have not tried Retopo using a basic model, I remade of the beginning every time. Even make Retopo, I have to find a solution to the deformation of the leg.

I’ve read that has some possible solutions. One is edge loops. Another is to use a strategy bone to limit deformation, but do not know how.

Forum users that help me, please show me what to do and how, because I am beginner. :o

Only in the latter case that I will use Shape Keys or modifier Armature or Ipo Curves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Images of the character (yes my edge loops are not good lol).

Normal leg.

Bent leg to the extent necessary for the animation, the folding leg turned into the body (very bad).

Thx. :smiley:

Hi Carrasco,

To the best of my knowledge, you do not need help with the modeling. It’s not the problem, the problem is with the armature that controls the mesh. You can correct the problem with different methods: driven shape keys, or the mesh deform modifier. You might be able to make a ‘bendy bone’ setup shown here:
There are other more complex methods, like jpbouza’s rig found here:
or a simple way might be to add a hip bone from the bottom of the spine to the top of the leg and weight paint it.

To get good deformation, you will need to learn more complex rigging techniques. I think the hip bone idea used with vertex groups might be simple. The mesh deform modifier is more complex. Driven shape keys will fix the problem for sure and I think is the best. The bendy bone might do the job. jpbouza’s rig is very complex and I do not understand it but it overcomes the problems you have.

Post your problem in the animation threads for further help, and look at this site for help as well:

Good luck!

Thank you, try to use the techniques suggested. If I still have problems I come back in this topic to ask. :smiley: :smiley: