Deformation problem when rotating


when I parent armature to a model (doesn’t matter envelope or automatic) it gets a bit distorted when rotating bone. For example if i had cube with all corners at 90 degree, when rotating angle changes and it starts to look a bit like parallelogram. I make sure that rig is not effected by other bones by using clean function with “all groups” checked. And when i weight paint i make that part of model 100% affected by bone. All envelope’s are unchecked both in armature option and at object modifier section of that model part.

It doesn’t happen if parent single bone to whole model or just that specific part.

Hope thins makes sense, i’m new to Blender.

Any ideas whats wrong?

Hi zed and welcome to the forum. The best way to get help, is to post the .blend file. This way someone can really get in there and look around, see what you have and see why it’s not working the way you think it should. To attach a file to a post here, in the reply box, click on ‘go advanced’, and use the paper clip icon to attach your file. Or you can post your file someplace on the net & post a link to it here. is a good place, it’s run by the people behind blender. New users may not be able to post links/.blend files (anti-spam measure) until your post count is above 5-10 posts. A good way to increase your post count is to comment on art works in the works in progress or finished projects section.

Hope this helps,

Thank for your post, i’ll do it next time i’ll need help.

And i solved my problem. I just turned on “Auto Normalize” in weight paint mode. And now Model moves as it should.