Deformation problem


I’m new for use animation and skinning in blender.
I’ve made this mesh but the coat has a dformation problem with the atomatic weight.
I’ve try with a data mesh tranfer is not the same result but seems weird :frowning:

Ty for the help!

the first picture is with automatic weight peint
and the second with data transfert (vertex)

Hi, weight painting could be the next option.

It doesn’t seem weird when you think about what the data transfer is doing. It’s finding the nearest vertex/surface/whatever on the target mesh, and copying those weights. But what is the closest position to the inside of the sleeve? Because of the pose, it’s not the arm, but the model’s abdomen.

There are other ways to weight things than data transfers. But if you wanted to just get proper weights for the sleeves, you could data transfer the sleeves (only the sleeves, by using a VG to limit the data transfer) from arms that had been separated from the rest of the model. Then, when the transfer looks for the nearest vertex/ whatever, it will find only the arm, because there is no abdomen in the target mesh.