Deformation Wrong!!?? How to fix It??


I’am currently working on my first character ever, it’s also the first time I’am working with Bones, iam working on the Torso right now it’s not finished yet but I tought I must do a deformation check first before i go on modeling the rest to prevent problems in the future, so I did… it seams that the deformation around the shoulder and particulairy around the elbow isn’t right how can i fix this or did model it the wrong way for animation and are there any princeples to model an animation friendly human?? Please help


I don’t know how to fix tthis problem, but he has too many muscles on his stommach.

It looks like you have bone envelopes turned on. That feature is intended to give you a quick rig. For accurate animation, use vertex groups with weights. You can start with envelopes and there is now a feature to bake these envelopes into vertex groups, though I don’t know where it is yet.