Deformation wrong

Hi everybody, i made an arm for a vodeogame and now i am on the rigging step. My problem is that when i want to rotate a bone, the arm deforms wrong. I checked the weigths but everything is well so i don’t know what can be. I show you a video about my problem:


You want a solution based just on a 4sec video clip and no access to the important blender settings ?

Does your object have more than one armature modifier

I checked the weigths but everything is well
Everything is obviously ‘not well’ so check the weighting for ALL bones again

Upload a blend file that shows this problem to and tell us the download link

There is a checkbox in one of the panels (I forget which one) which says: preserve volume. Make sure it is checked.

“I checked the weigths but everything is well” means that the problem are not the weigths. I checked everything and i made the weighting again but the problem still there. Thanks

Thank you!!! now is everything OK. The easiest solution!!. Thanks :smiley:

I have a feeling this isn’t a real solution , and that there’s definitely something more fundamental going wrong with your weighting… something which will bite u on the bee-hind at a later date. I would make sure there isnt indeed a second armature, and that you have removed the hand weighting group from the fingers… If i had to guess this is what I would consider to be wrong. your finger has both the Vert groups for “finger bone” and “hand bone” and so it shrinks the bone in that weird way.

MatiasWeyerstal, YouTube says the video of your problem has been removed by the user, which would be you, I presume. Please put it back.

These support threads are not just for your personal education. A lot of people look at these threads for problems similar to the problems they face, and if they can find a solution without starting a new thread, it’s a lot quicker. But without your original video showing the problem, there is no way to tell what the solution solves.

Give lurkers a break, put the video back.

You’re right. I’m so sorry. I put the video again.