deformer following a path

Good day everyone.

For the past hours I have been trying to solve something that seemed to be an easy task. Unfortunately I failed. Now I am asking for your help.

Here is what I have been trying to do.: I want to create some sort of comic effect. An object is moving through a pipe or hose. Because of fact that the object is bigger than the diameter of the pipe, the pipe gets stretched and/or deformed. You’ve probably seen this effect a lot of times in comics and animations. I have created a spiral, a path and empty that is following the path. Because of the fact that an image says more than a thousand words I have attached a screenshot as well as the .blend-file.

deformFail.blend (513 KB)

What I end up with is this weird effect. I know that the lattice modifier affects the hole object. But what kind of modifier can I use instead?
If anybody out here has an idea, please let me know.



Here’s another option using the array and curve modifier


deform.blend (90.6 KB)

@Richard Marklew

Thank you very much for your help. Hours of trial and error, frustration and chin scratching finally came to a end. Thanks to you Richard. You’ve made my day.