Deforming object by bezier curve

Hey guys,

what i want to do is to make my strap to bend around a foot using a bezier curve.

  1. strap should start where bezier curve starts;
  2. strap should follow the bezier curve as long as its length allows it to (no stretching to fit the curve’s length)
  3. strap should react on beziere curve’s tilting as well.

Which modiefier is that and how to set it up correctly?

Right now no matter what I do - leads to total mess. Tried Simple deform, tried Curve deform, none of them act predictably. Origins - same x,y,z. Same scale, nothing works. Please advise how to do it correctly.

I’ve also attached the pic of my strap and the desired bezier curve on how i want it to be.

Thank you so much.

No blend file supplied
Ensure the object has sufficient geometry to actually follow the curve

Sure, but which modifier to use? And how?

  1. Make sure the curve and object origin is at the same place
  2. Make sure scale and rotation is applied (ctrl+a)
  3. Add a curve modifier to the object and then select the curve in the object dropdown menu.

You might have to play with the axis a bit but it should work.