Degrouping (I guess?)

I have an object comprised of 5 uv spheres, and I would like to add materials to these spheres, but I cannot separate the spheres from each other. It’s like they automatically grouped themselves together. Someone help me please, I’ve been having this problem for a while.

If you add a mesh while in editmode it will become automaticly part of the current edited mesh. Now you have several options, either you separate them, or you use more than one texture. To separate them switch to editmode, in your case you can hit P, then select all loose parts. Your done. Or you switch to editmode, hover the cursor over the mesh you want to separate, hit L (linked) this shoud select the faces that belong to the mesh you pointed the cursor to. Then hit P and choose selected, Your done. To use more then one Texture, hit F9 for the Editbuttons, under Link and Material are a bunch of buttons. Hit the right New button to create another materialindex. Select the faces of the mesh that shoud have the new material and hit assign. (i hope you get the idea) Have Fun!