Deinonychus UV-ING

Recently an old student of mine asked me to UV a dinosaur for a museum exhibit in Pittsburgh using the Unreal 2 game engine. The dino had 140 separate pieces ( Mostly Feathers ) And I had about 30 hours to complete the job. Blender did a great job and made the job a lot smoother.

And here is some shots of it in maya being reviewed before it goes into the Unreal engine.

I look forward to learning more of Blender and being able to do all my contracts in Blender.

If I update this it will be at:

Very nice job!

Siickkkk!!! But I would make skin texture…moist looking and the feathers are a bit too thick.

yeah pretty nice but i agree with Borgleader about the feathers and textures

hey elfeddie – where are you? I was just at the Member’s Preview of the new dino stuff at the Carnegie this weekend! I’m a little past the screen-based “edu” materials, but the apatosaurus/diplodocus room is awesome. Very cool that you got to work on this.

I live in Southside with my new family.